Bottle Service Etiquette

Welcome to the good life – drinking exorbitantly top shelf alcohol brought to you by cute bottle girls as you dance the night away and make new friends.

If you aren’t a bottle service regular, you’re stepping into a world with lots of unwritten rules and norms that you need to follow in order to look like a socially competent guy or girl.

Successful men and women understand this stuff and will determine if you’re one of the “cool kids” and want to party with you again, based on whether or not you know how to conduct yourself at the table.

Lets get started!

1. Show up on time with your group to make sure everyone gets to the table quickly.

2. Don’t be that person who forgets their ID at home or does not meet the club’s clothing requirements and gets rejected from going in. HICLAAS does not guarantee your entrance into the club. You must follow the club’s policies for getting in.

3. Don’t show up with additional friends who did not purchase a seat. No excuses, no nothing. “I ran into a friend.” People always want to skip out on their share. Just be fair and make sure everyone in your party paid their share of the table.

4. If you invite a friend last minute and there are no more seats available to purchase, then you should message everyone in the group to see if you can come up with an agreement. Your last-minute friend should bring cash or use a cash app to pay the host for their share of the table.

5. The first thing you should do when you get at your table is introduce yourself. Second, ask the server to make you a drink. Don’t start pouring and mixing them yourself. Third, mingle and get to know the rest of the partygoers.

6. Larger group bottles are often gone in a flash if you’re a host you want to let the bottle girl know that you’re the only one who can order additional bottles or drinks.

7. Don’t use the bottles for doing shots unless everyone agrees to do shots.

8. Be mindful of the amount of drinks you have. As a general rule a 750-ml bottle of liquor will serve about 16 drinks. If you’re at a table for 6 people, you’ll get 3 drinks. Remember, it’s not all about the drinks. You are also paying for the VIP treatment table service experience, comp’d entry, exclusive seating, and skipping the long lines.

9. Getting VIP treatment does not give you the pass to be rude. Act respectful and polite towards everyone in the party. Remember, you’ll be reviewed at the end of the night by each partygoer and host.

10. If you want to bring additional guests to the table from the dance floor, this is not an all pass to the bottles and alcohol. Ask the host and everyone else in the party for approval before you invite random guests to the table.

11. Stand up. Don’t be boring and sit down because it makes it awkward and it may force people to leave the table and party on the dance floor.

12. Every table must have a captain: someone who protects the table from dumb people. Here, the host should be the captain because he started the event, booked the table and upf ronted the money for you to enjoy a better night out and save money. Be polite and thank the host for a fun and safe night out.

13. Lastly, throw a party, be fun, dance the night away and make new friends.

Now that you’re experienced in bottle service, you can be a “cool kid”.

Cheers to giving HICLAAS and bottle service a try! HICLAAS is dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable experience where you and the other partygoers could be having the time of your lives!

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Harol Lainez

CEO & Founder – HICLAAS

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